into the land of the vermifuge, dark and foreboding, where traffic moves too fast or either not at all.
888888888it appeared to the critics of the day as if nothing was happening.
888888888cities have learned that art can mean overturned trashcans.

sewer happening. appropriate farrow. i thinks that's absolutely discussable. james, bring in the novelty foods.

where the call is received, that is where the fund raising takes place.
888888888instead of baseballs: glass bottles. instead of greaseballs, tuesday's children. shrove tuesday: the day before ash wednesday.

the overturned cans are caused by kitties. not art, just a buncha pussies.

the 1897 pass out. the 1997 shootout. the 1779 crap out?
888888888as if something had ever happened. beyond invention, what ever happens?
888888888stop itching or we'll put socks on your hands 
888888888and where that came from.

your breasts
correct size and shape
tummy tuck
am i fat or pleasantly plump?
the right amount of ass
can you build me a chin?
how much risk am i willing to take? (the 7-11 question)
big toes
what makes a great plastic surgeon?
your forehead, your life
lips? of course!

paintings they made   standing side by side.
888888888you want to be a part of.
888888888is there such a thing as a "disturbed text"? is there a hierarchy of relevant factors?
888888888to benefit defeat.
888888888as he lounged on the red leather sofa he said: "there is a growing 
interest in the area."

the dying area. a growing interest in the dying patch of lawn grass. a growing interest in the dying area.

the critics of the day
all front (no backing) 
she was shaped like a poem about the city
the sign near the docks read "no backing" 
blue atom girl
bulging in a ...

i think we have rats.

equally, there is -- in the extreme case -- no diff betw "sick" and "well", it is only society which is too weak to handle what is "different", or "deviant."
888888888if it's not made of responsibility, why would you be afraid to face it?

8-1 = say it 

and 7-4 =  don't say it 

3-1 =  more questions

10-1 =   my poker toes
i am thinking of a number between 12 and 5. what number?

"normal" acting therefore is "conscious" acting, symbolic speech behaviour, contrary to compulsive stereotypes.

888888888compulsive strategists
888888888compulsive nonchalance
888888888compulsive heliotype(s)

blatant heliophagus eats vermiculite: we've mailed it.

answer: seven.

in the town of Aurora, Texas where the tall grass harbors land shark. the floating men: many people believe this to be one of many hoaxes started around this time. 
888888888apparently crashed into a windmill tower and exploded. 
888888888some of the material recovered had strange hieroglyphic symbols on it. 
888888888that of an alien lifeform which the townsfolk buried in the local cemetery. the alien is supposedly buried exhumed interred owes back taxes. the mayor's land. no windmill existed. the request was denied by the local council.

1897 brings us The Martian, by George Du Maurier

never remeasured.

i think if people came to Iowa City, theyd see something in the middle.
888888888the number of pennies in circulation. Lincoln pennies. orange pennies.
888888888the number of guns in circulation.

888888888phago: (greek phagein -- to eat) eating, consuming.
888888888pagus: (latin) village, province.

888888888cities have learned that art can mean big plaster franking privileges.

888888888addressing letters addressing television violence.
888888888a classic Capitol Hill battle. it's shaping up as a ride to the dentist.

888888888petropolitics. petroleum jelly. the sun shines on war.
888888888clay shapes. jelly belly. microcosmic sumo capitol.

spleenomaniacs everywhere in their bed dresses halving bottled blaff. when the water tower toppled the starved birds were willing to consider slurry pancakes from a can. a five gallon drum. when birds consider, the case goes to court.
888888888the imperceptable pageantry of the heliopagus is unparallelled. is at cross purposes. has landed a job with a firm matress.
888888888handshakes and crushed corpuscules with the "matron of the matress," eleeta brauncurio.
888888888in a can now, a #5 can, curried curlicues. her partner in dime store novella is svetlana poblano, who is of a mixed-drink heritage.

jettison the profile!
888888888peubopolitics. let's stir up our members.
888888888recycled tricycles and baby slobber. for the endorphins, we will toss the rats into the hypoxia. act casually.

a field of violet ground ivy and patented cows which stay limber. the cows never come home sober. they stay out drinkin' all night. they stagger in and out of love. they leave the blinds wide open. they take cabs everywhere and after every slam dunk, they invariably will grab the nearest short man and yell "dot-com! dot-com, mutherfucker!" in his quivering face. 
888888888wear fur coats and eat meat with the blower on high.
888888888listening to the sky.

great-great grandmother pickled hay.

scowling face   -   quivering face
scouring face   -    thinking face

     thinking, quivering face

cities have learned that art can mean big women.

her husband drank hay squeezin's on the sly. occasionally, you could find the seeds, rancid and moist, in his peppery beard.
8888a little fringe of kudzu around his truck.
8888tawny cottongrass with exploded heads and scrawny cows with feathered riders. "turn it around, we're going back to town!"

s o u r c e s 
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888888888edited by Yishai Tobin  (1989)
"UFO Crashes: Aurora" Andy Page webpage on Compuserve 
888888888(accessed 5/26/99)

unexplained increases in tourism, back to top.


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