D E F I N I T I O N  O F  A
C H R O N I C  W O U N D

A chronic wound is by definition a wound which stubbornly refuses to, or simply cannot heal.

(arterial ischemia or venous stasis disease)
is·che·mi·a (¹-sk"m-)
     important derivatives are: hectic, eunuch, epoch, scheme, scholar, scholastic, school.

Lookie that eunuch! him thinks he is soo im-por-tant, wit' his hectic aky-demic sched-yool and awl. i bet i's nutin' but a scheme to git gubment money, tha's awl!
pleroma. the unmistakable ordeur of an opera star. luff, luff, luff, and tack to eat. follow that whale! i believe the beast has my presumptive air.

the phone rang and my blood flow was interrupted.

the ordure of ulcers.  anger.

ulcerous ordure. the ordeal. the or deal.

a side of mashed potatoes and ulcers.

the aroma of a fêted opera starlot. not a lot to squawk about. into TV actually. and green bean casserole these days.

ordeur is not a word, or so some say and i turn away in tears, scattered to the winds which rock operas. the opera star tacks 'cross the parking lot in her custom land jammer.
id fuck her, after three or four of those strong opera beers.
          peanuts! pussy! twice-tested condoms! cotton candy!


evaporated milk left open. divorce resistant packaging.

Tissue, deprived of necessary nutrients and oxygen and unable to eliminate waste matter, will die.

in the bin, Dusty Springfield's Greatest Hits set to musak by the dj art strings orchestra and i cant peepee experience, featuring art strings and his trusty (stuffed) cat humuna-humuna, a mackerel tabby with flabby ears. the cover art features the longtime band leader dressed in a longtail tux, holding a baked sweet potato and laughing it up.
          i start pulling at this loose string of carpet. a mouse pops out from a hole in the bin, sits twitching its whiskers and watches me continue. the counter help is crunching figures. the mouse wonders if i have a hole and i wonder if she has a name. 

garbage strike   the minds of the youth. garbage hikes around the national forest. my kingdom for a landfill.

disease, lack of mobility, poor nutritional status, pressure, friction, etc. 
friction and immobility. and pressure. horizontal lap blanket.
       politesse pushing me.

Wound assessment includes documenting the size and location, depth of tissue involvement, presence of the clinical signs of infection, amount and consistency of exudate, and percent of any granulation or necrosis. Once assessment has taken place, a specific course of topical therapy can be planned to manage the wound's specific local needs.

Cleanse & Absorb

swim or fly, come back to me.

               r i p  s o u r c e s

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An Ongoing Correspondence With Drachen Fliegen


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