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I am a young lady full of mischief, deceit,

and a frothy iced beverage.

Oh yes,
I, a foul temptress,
am also filled
with foodstuffs.


             Here is the oafish sap who will be subjugated to my wrath.


                                                                                          Namely . . .

By bestirring the smoldering, malodorous cauldron
of his phobias.  Premier among themů Apples.


First, in my game of devilish trickery,
I shall present myself demurely, as to lull
him into a false sense of placidity, fondling
my non-existent necklace all the while.





I hereby present you 
with this, a toothsome 
treat for your feasting


Egads, Woman!
Hath you not been privy
to mine fear of the fruit?

Male:   I inform you now that my initial fear has
subsided.  It has undergone metamorphosis and
has thusly returned as unbridled ire. 
Prepare to be dealt a Spartan blow! 

This has been a presentation by Steve Delahoyde and Waki Gamez.

There was another presentation involving a machine.


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