What’s this? A showing of artistry?

Perhaps this will serve to momentarily assuage my

crippling fears of abandonment.


Drat! I despise the work of those dastardly minimalists!

I fear, now more than ever, that I will remain alone until the end times.





Curse this emptiness that gnashes about within mine heart.

Certainly, if ever there was one that stood chained to alone-ity,

it would be I.


But then...


Oh, the Fates!

We have found one another and now we embrace joy

as if it were a lass we knew in Middle School, also named Joy.


But a ponderance towards an unfettered existence

makes me question our relationship.

What to do? What to do?


Goodbye Forever!

This has been a presentation by Steve Delahoyde and Waki Gamez.

(Return tomorrow for another.)

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