Regular visitors are familiar with THE EYESHOT LITERARY ESCORT SERVICE. Thus far the service has profiled & offered seven handsome, talented, occasionally geeky, and always perverted YOUNG MALE WRITERS. These writers have included Steve Delahoyde, FlakMag.com's James Norton, and Jonathan Ames, responding to a set of questions about the hot & humid zone where sex and literature meet and mack . . . . . 

Now, thanks in part to clammering demand, we present an indiscriminate solicitation for FEMALE APPLICANTS TO THE LITERARY ESCORT SERVICE!!! 

Since there are sooooooo many ferociously fine female writers abounding all foxy online, in the flesh too, we figured that, in lieu of soliciting specific individuals we know (many of whom we’ve also seen naked) we’d be better off if we asked the brave souls receiving this spam to get the word out . . . . Prospective participants would send a digital photo and a brief sample of their writing (links to pieces previously posted online and photos on hotornot.com [7.6 and up, please] are fine). They would send stuff to hot_2_trot@eyeshot.net. After quickly reviewing petitions for form and content, we would send a customized questionnaire, which would then be completed and returned by the future escort. 

It’ll be easy, fun, and most of all, very very sexy. And guess what? Participants don’t even have to be single . . . 

We realize that many recipients of this mass e-mail are neither writers nor women. 

That’s ok --  if you forward this message to everyone you know, it will eventually find someone who meets the criteria. 

If you have questions, please send them to what_the_hell_are_you_talking_about?@eyeshot.net and we will answer them next week on the home page. OK? 

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