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( A )

How can i
hide my cry ?
when you said to me bye,
My heart beating at your meeting
Tears statrnig after parting

Being with you is ahigh of feeling
so how can i
hide my cry,
When you said to me bye,
You can go
under the heat or the snow,
but i feel your heart is beating slowly,
Love like spring , its roses
cannot be flourished without marriage ring
Parting like autumn in the end,
The leaves are taken away by the wind,
Never ask me why
i cannot hide my cry,
when you said to me bye

( D )

When i go to any place,
I was chased by your face
As i taste the sweetness of your kiss,
Dark world full of brightness my miss,
So when i go to any place,
I can imagine your face,
If  i  werein bermuda triangle,
I would be saved my uncovered angle,
Like the air my beloved,
What a fantastic matter to hound!
I smelt your scent,
and followed your foot sprint,
In a hole i fell
as you pull me with your hand ,
But it was a shade,
I decided return ,
To be together again,


I do not know from where i start,
Love and brave heart,
Or jealousy and broken heart,
While we were walking in the orchard,
Suddenly she stopped and wandered,
"Are you my love?"
" Are you my life?"
A question i have never been asked,
What a clever woman! what beautiful mind!
God bless me from that heart break ,
woman like a wolf gazes on neck,
Yes, i m your lover,
Yes i will share your life for ever,
After trembling she got calm,
cold world became warm,
This is woman who challenged the storm ,
she knew the meaning of love,
nothing more,


In the quite corner,
From the same place,
We used to meet together,
I m still waiting for you forever.
In the west bank of  immortal river,
I call you but i still suffer,
When the sun touches the sand,
I feel my heart between your hand,
My yellow face  turned red,
Like an angel you flew over my bed,
I never feel sick again,
Because your ray had recovered all my pains,
When the moon touches the sea,
After darkness i could see,
Fresh and awake,
gazed like a hawk,
You were having phenomenal look,
Why nature took,
Take my arm and then walk,
in paradise far away this smoke,
Though i am a life, i wish to die,
After you had cut all your ties,

Please realize these poems were 
contributed by an Egyptian.


 B R A V E   S O U L S   R E C E I V E
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