Many of you, particularly those who visited sometime this week, already know what went down. 
On the surface it seemed peaceful. 
Silent. Tranquil. Shhhh. Peaceful. And maybe even exciting, as far as such things can seem exciting. 
You came to Eyeshot sometime this week and your monitor screen, as always, contained a work of words seen scrolling beneath a smooth and serene square of glass. 
What we've had up this past week, however, would be better off corralled by a restless polygon, a tumbling trapezoid -- only some churning rebel of geometry could provide a suitable frame. 
Know what I'm sayin'?
No clue? 
OK. Fine . . . What we mean to say is this: "What we've had up lately merits a mass mailing devoted solely to it. What we've had up requires something viral, something sprawling internationally across all confines and demarcations. Something that'll rumple the screen's smoothness from the world's masses wandering in and trampling all over it. Make it all ribbed and buckled and oddly shaped and splayed with everything all akimbo and shit, exactly how we like it." 
Still not sure what we're sayin'?
Ok. Fine. We should try to be clearer . . . What we mean to say is: "We have been told that large-circulation print publications would probably exchange money for the opportunity to run the work in question. The author, however, decided to give this piece, entitled On the Road: American Writers & Their Hair, to Eyeshot's Humble Hindenburg Complex, a resource kept aloft/afloat on $15 per month. In return, she only asked we link the piece to reviews and other resources about the writers she met on her recent American book tour. We thank her, publicly in this manner, by asking you to forward the message you're reading to everyone you think might want to check out something that's (1) funny, (2) free, (3) and written by a hot British chick. Instead of appearing between the covers of some glossy object available for about $3.50 on American newsstands for no more than a month, everyone in the world can see this piece for free, for as long as Eyeshot stays alive, which should be forever, or as long as we can scrape together $15 a month. Please do what you can do to help us throw thankful flowers at her generosity . . . That's what we were trying to say."
Clearly presented summary of unclear statements above: 
1. Eyeshot has something good for you and yours, thanks to the generosity of a hot British writer chick.

2. To thank her, we're asking spam receivers to forward this message to all suitable reading-type people.

3. In this way, when she asks - "So, uh, how many people read my piece anyway?" - we will not be embarrassed or compelled to lie.

4. If you want to send a link to people instead of simply forwarding this unnecessarily long-winded message, the link is http://eyeshot.net/zadiesmith.html

5. Thank you -- and apologies to people pissed off by this message.

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Zadie Smith's "On the Road:
American Writers And Their Hair"

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