click here for pictures from the williamsburg bridge and tribeca

If you have ever played Flight Simulator, you have probably flown a virtual plane into one of the twin towers, accidentally, while trying to split the uprights. The following question is neither possible nor funny: is it possible that the psychic energy of millions of virtual crashes into the World Trade Center made what happened on Tuesday morning possible, in some nonspecifiable and very flaky way? Maybe gave the perpetrators the idea? This is not funny. I am not laughing.
When I wake up tomorrow the skyline will be intact.
Look at the picture above. The building is burning. Its twin is gone; it was gone minutes later. I walked around and took pictures. About a dozen of them are available here - mostly taken from the Williamsburg Bridge (of the towers burning and collapsing), and in Tribeca (close-up shots of smoke).
When I wake up tomorrow this will not have happened.
I lost all humor when the first building dropped. At first I thought I might do a photojournalistic something about the Empire State Building's stoicism as the towers burned and the indifference of a woman painting her steps all day or a woman setting up a table to sell bootlegged CD-R copies of popular recordings. This was way before I knew the planes were commercial jetliners, before the first building collapsed. After that, there was no humor - nothing was funny - and I could joke, make snide comments about Art Deco buildings that were spared, but if I joked, I'd be a total schmuck. At one point, standing in Tribeca as close to the smoke as I could, the only thought I had was that a two-year-old kid will eventually have a child who will star in the movie of what happened that they'll make in 2051, just as Ben Affleck's father was probably about two in 1941. This was not funny when I thought it, but I couldn't help having these kind of thoughts.
I can hear an F-14 Fighter Jet flying above right now
We apologize to Carrie Hoffman, whose story was only up for a little while. You can click the word "story" in the previous sentence if you'd like to read the way things were before they changed. THINGS HAVE CHANGED. WELCOME TO THE BEGINNING OF THE CENTURY.

Those who harbor them: beware. Even video artists I know are talking REVENGE. I'd kick all their asses if I could - the perpetrators and the harborers, not the video artists.

Look at pictures. Or read something. More later. Take care.