An Anonymous Letter to the Editor

This has been bothering me: “Push down with your lower back muscles, you’ll bring the front wall of your vagina down to meet your partner’s penis. This enables him to stimulate
your G-spot, located between your pubic bone and your cervix.” I later realized she was reading from a woman’s magazine she’d left around the house. (from "Every telling has a tailing..." )

Wrong, wrong, wrong. First off, "lower back muscles" have nothing to do with anything - totally not connected to anything interesting. Secondly, there is no "pushing down" involved, it's actually the opposite: pulling up. Well, actually, pushing down could be involved if you were dealing with a very long one that wasn't in all the way, but really, the only purpose this serves is adjustment, and then you definitely want to go back to the regular cock-gripping action, since it simulates (and stimulates) orgasmic contracting and makes it almost impossible not to come five or six times.

This is a letter to the editor. An anonymous one. (I have no doubt, however, that the above description was inspired by an actual women's magazine, because they don't know what the fuck they're talking about.) All other descriptions in the story were not only correct, but highly entertaining.

Dear Anonymous,

Perhaps you have an inverted uterus. Or maybe it's not the uterus that matters here. Maybe your apparatus is upside down. When jostled in the formative womb, your teeny-tiny equipment could have got flipped, no? In defense of Mr. Roebling's piece, he assured me that all information included in the work in question was reliable, mainly because he stole it directly from a highly respected journal that predominately employs women as fact checkers. He would probably argue that the accuracy of the manuever doesn't really matter much. I think he's probably more concerned with pushing in any direction with one's lower back muscles. As you indicated, meaningless muscles these. Mine are all gelantinous. Can't do a thing with them. The woman in the story, however, can use these muscles to do whatever she needs to do, and this accounts for her high-moaning in the room next to the narrative-voice guy's: ultimately, whatever direction she's directing her loving surely don't matter much.

In the end, we are inaccurate all over the place. The majority of the work on this site is grossly . . .   Nevertheless, we welcome your comments and wish you happiness.