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We are offering the opportunity to receive infrequent messages, sent from us, informing you of updates to Eyeshot. The area directly above the previous sentence is designed to enable you to easily input your e-mail address. 
1. Neatly type your address in the space above. 
2. Click the "activate!" button. 
3. You'll then be transported to a confirmation page. 
4. A confirmation message, to which you should immediately respond, will appear in your in-box. 

That's it. It should be worthwhile for all involved. If not, we'll mutually agree to end it. We'll still love each other dearly. The love we shared will course like steam engines through our circulatory systems, for all time.

We will not send messages every day. Once a fortnight or every three weeks or once a month or thereabouts, you'll get something from us. Transmissions will be elaborate and joyful. You will forward them to your friends, perhaps, but not your coworkers, for they will include casual profanity and neutral-evil ideas. We will ensure that all messages are moderately entertaining and, at the very least, diligently copyedited. They will include blurb-type things about recent additions to Eyeshot, links to worthwhile websites, curiosities, and other things we like. Again, these messages will be elaborate, friendly, infrequent, moderately entertaining, diligently copyedited, and neutral evil. 

When we say "neutral evil" above, we're not talking about PURE SULFORIC EVIL, like the kind depicted in the film Time Bandits; we're referring to a temperament, like Brando's character in The Wild One. Like Han Solo. We, like them, are all about the same thing: posturing, superficial tough-guyness -- but deep down, we admit, once you scratch through a slightly disturbed crust, we're sweetie pies to the core.

Nothing weird will be done with your address. We use a free service called NotifyList. Their privacy policy states that they do nothing weird with your address either. 

Archived messages are available below. If you would like to sample our brand of spam, please click the link with the most inspiring title: 

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