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In an effort to unify a fragmented nation, the President rallied the population to support a defense effort. Operation Faceoff, as it was called at the Pentagon and in the media, prepared the country for battle, not with Communist, Fascists, or Terrorists, but the Universe. Technology developed to strike down airborne nuclear missiles was turned toward the heavens. Although no proof existed that beings were approaching Planet Earth, the President persuaded the nation that we could not afford to be arrogant, that our apparent isolation was only that, apparent, especially when one considered the potential content of the Universe. 

He said, “We cannot afford arrogance. We cannot underestimate potential. We must protect our nation. And we must be committed to protecting every nation of the world.”

Popularity ratings soared. He went on to say, and I paraphrase, that just as the Universe is infinite and human conception of infinity is limited, we, as a nation, must not fail to realize that the infinite potential of the universe, potentially, could produce a being, a form of life so foreign to our native conception, that we fail to recognize its existence even after it has successfully invaded. 

Nevertheless, the nation seemed more in favor of laser warfare with UFOs than they seemed to comprehend the President’s convoluted message -- that a UFO could slip through our neighborhoods, after making it through the atmosphere, set up camp in our frontyards, walk among us as neighbors, or perhaps simply exist among us in a form beyond our current capability to perceive. The nation’s consensus believed that if the aliens had already invaded and no one noticed them, then why make a fuss? If they are here and indistinguishable from air then what is there to do? The fragmentation of the nation could not be healed through such speculation. This would only bring paranoia and suspicion of every animal, vegetable, and mineral, as is said. In order to unify the nation we need not a common enemy amongst us, but a common enemy beyond. The nation instinctually adheres to this notion, accepts it when uttered, and cheers it when orated by the President. Turn the ray guns on the universe and our nation, like our planet, will be safe. 


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