From: Martha P. Alvarez
Sent: Monday, June 11, 2001 9:36 PM
To: Delahoyde, Steve
Subject: RE: An Inquiry

You're a nut.  Email me your address and I'll send you all the different "72" ' charge - just because you made me laugh.

Joe & Martha

Martha P. Alvarez
Office Manager
Take A Number, Inc.
15437 Dickens Street
Sherman Oaks CA 91403-3009 U.S.A.
800/966-3255 Toll Free
818/386-9565 Fax


From: Delahoyde, Steve 
Sent: Monday, June 11, 2001 5:17 PM
To: ''
Subject: An Inquiry


I am contacting your company, Take A Number Systems, with a request, one which I feel will make my life complete. Please understand, this is an unusual query to be certain, but one which I believe will be easily realized, granting your full cooperation. Let's move on, shall we?

You see, for the past fifteen years, ever since my accident, I have been fascinated with the number seventy two. I'm simply wild about the digit. Heck, even writing it as I just have gives me tingles. In my home, many of the walls in my have been covered with "72 Memorabilia". I have tons of it, from the Japanese symbol for the number to an autograph from sub-par baseball player Frank Sturman (his jersey number was 72). My dog's name is "Seventy-Two-Two," I only date elderly women (for one specific year only, then it's dumpsville), and there are always seventy-two cubes of ice in my freezer at all times. This list goes on and on, I assure you.

While what I've just told you might seem to be an unhealthy obsession, I must assuage those thoughts immediately. I hold down a well-paid position at a high-profile law firm, have a very comfortable income, and drive a large automobile that has one of those GPS things, factory installed. I suppose my fixation is no different than that of a sports fanatic or someone who collects peanut shells shaped like former presidents. It's all relative.

And so, given my background, you'll understand why I write to you. For the past several weeks I have been spending time in both the local post office and a busy ice-cream parlor, waiting to pull the number seventy two from one of your dispensing machines, the Take-A-Number device. But week after week, hour after hour spent, I don't seem to be able to accomplish this most basic of tasks. For example, one time at the post office, we were at seventy. Seventy! Before I could make my move, two people, obviously together, came in and robbed me of what I'd waited all day for: the coveted 72. Six hours spent, never to retrieve again.  Six hours I could have spent polishing my seventy-two bronzed "Seventy-Two Statues" (statues in the shape of the number). And, on another occasion, this time at a bank, I was almost arrested for sitting in the lobby for three hours. I tried to explain, but apparently they were still a bit nervous after being robbed the week previous.

And so my efforts have gotten me nowhere, which leads me to this e-mail, my last attempt for resolution.  If you are able, I would very much appreciate it if you were able to send me this individual number ticket. It would mean the world to me, I can promise you that. Please contact me via this e-mail address if this is possible and I will send you my address immediately.

Thank You For Your Time,
Steve Delahoyde

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