About a month or so ago, my friend Flail was in town (he's in the last photo below, enjoying the funneled cake). There was a carnival on Bushwick and Grand in the parking lot of the high school. So we went. (I just love the Buccaneer!) 

This girl who made us funnel cake was a 16-year-old runaway from Baltimore. 

I started taking pictures and she was all like, "What are you a tourist?" -- all attitude. 

I said, "No, I live a couple blocks away . . . I just dig taking pictures." That apparantly rocked her. Made her very very mirthful. She told me that "I had made her day."

After we consumed our cakes, she split the trailer kitchen and said, "Let's go on rides!" 

I said, "But y'all are closing down and I don't gots no mo tickets, yo." 

She was all like, "My family don't pay, yo!" 

Then we went on all the rides for free for like an hour. I felt a little sick cause I ate all that funnel cake, right?









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