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ME: Get the fuck out!

EDITOR: Get the fuck in. I'm not kidding you.  

If this is a joke, it's so mean.

No joke. You're in.

Get the fuck out! But wait, I can't do it.

What's wrong?

The story doesn't have enough depth. It's not very literary.  It's got, like, what, three big words in it? Are you sure you want this one?  

Let's talk tomorrow. Maybe you should rest or something.  

I mean, I still want you to pick my story, but I'm nervous and I think it sucks. And are you allowed to pick my story? I mean, we're friends. Did you pick it because we're friends?


Good, because I'd hate you forever. Um, you didn't pick it because of the photo I sent, did you?

No. Nice photo, though.  

Everyone's going to hate it.  


My story!  

Tell you what, get some rest and we'll start working on it tomorrow.  


But what?

I might be difficult to work with by tomorrow. My period's going to start any day now.

Good grief.  

Oh, God. That means we have to work on it really fast before my mood changes. We can come up with a schedule, I guess. You'll stay on schedule, right?  


Just, you know, I want you to be on top of this. Because I'm thinking of adding a character to the story, and I, well we, need time to get it right.

Goodnight, Sue.  

Yeah. We'll talk tomorrow. Uh, you won't tell anyone I'm difficult to work with, will you?

I won't tell.

Oh, God. You think I'm difficult to work with?

Sue, please go to bed.  

I'm going. Wow, working with editors is really intimate stuff.  I feel like we're dating.  

Goodnight, Sue. Get some rest, will you?


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