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kick down some coin,
slip us some all-american skin.

By which we mean, you can click this button

and go to a very credible website now owned by eBay and very safely donate as much or as little 
cash or even coins as you'd like. 

Q: Why would you do such a thing?
A: Because it would be great! 

If everyone were to send just 1000 cents -- that's the price of movie in Manhattan -- or a dollar a day for ten or twelve days, or one large lump sum, we wouldn't worry about hosting fees and we'd maybe even share what cash we received with a few writers each month. If you were to donate a sum that's particularly lumpy, we would devote all our time to the deployment of this site: thanks to you, Eyeshot would still be running hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of years from now, providing adequate and equal administrations of both the profane and mundane for absolutely nothing, running, running, running, as fast as the wind that long ago flew past the cute little winged heels of Hermes, Greek god of online literary web-based e-zines, stars of track and field, and pretty girls who spend their evenings driving fast with charismatic diamond thieves. 

This was all originally about you donating money to us before it got all mythological, making belle & sebastian references, and expressing my idea of what girls do for fun these days in exotic locales like Los Angeles. But if you ignore all the whimsy, and think really hard about donating a little something to us, you will realize that donating money to us is a really nice idea. If we received enough donations, say $100 in a month, we might give at least half to a worthy contributor. It'd be like what they do over at fictionline.com, but way more flaky and arbitrary and not nearly as cooly automated. Who knows where the money might go? Please realize that the pleasures of generosity lie deep within the giver and really have very little to do with whether those behind the recipient site use donations on forty-ounce bottles of Budweiser or whatever. So if you'd like to donate, click the donate button above and stuff a fiver in our virtual g-string; coins are welcomed too. 

We would appreciate it tremendously. Thank you. 

And if you donate, in return, we'll give you 

b i g   s m o o c h .

You'll have 2 C 4 yourself. 

 B R A V E   S O U L S   R E C E I V E
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