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[hello visitor. this is where text typically occurs. today there is no new posting on this site, as you can see. it is not your fault. no one accuses you. if one were accusing, he or she would type in all capital letters, "what have you done?". . . what you did is not the reason for there being nothing new today, and notice that no one bothered with capitals . . .  when will there be something new on the site, written by someone instead of no one, accompanied by a photograph instead of bracketed text that doesn't even say something art-historical and derivative like this is not a picture?!?. . . . . maybe tomorrow or the next day, maybe we'll begin posting again . . . . what does it matter? when was the last time you checked the site anyway? huh? maybe we're tired of putting new things up each day, only to post something new the next day, which we then feel compelled to replace the following day in favor of something else . . . . do you ever feel that way? every day replacing one thing for another? each day something new? do you ever feel like that? if so, how does all this replacing affect you? does it take a heavy toll? perhaps you've had similar experiences with this constant exchange, one thing for another? maybe, like us, you want to replace something with NOTHING, cut out all the shit, scrape the buildup, the mucky residue left behind by the daily grind. you just want to see open, empty, blank space, like this. on hot, humid, sticky days like today, all you want is rain to come and wash it all away. . . . we'll get over it though - tomorrow or the next we'll post something . . .  it's not like we don't have things to post, it's just that we don't want to post them just right now, you understand the difference . . . . it's like in a horror film with lots of good slasher scenes. those scenes, the pure gore, the ones that you pay to see, they account for only a fraction of the total running time. so i suppose you should think of today's lack of a new posting as an empty moment of suspense. i promise the money shots are imminent. good stuff. scary stuff. but if it all appeared in daily sucession, every day a "big scene," then nothing would ever scare you. so consider today's lack of something new like bandaged fingers meandering along the chipped keys of an electric piano, with lots of echo on it making it sound all suspenseful and shit. or maybe, in its own longwinded way, this NOTHING you've just read is like a drum roll for something that will happen soon, if not later today . . . AT ANY MOMENT - WE STRIKE.]

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