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1. "The woman said she had been pregnant three years earlier, but the baby never came out." 

2. Make the skies safer and bloodier than they've ever been with this entertaining-for-a-minute game

3. "Welcome to my homepage! I work as the messiah for a major world religion. My name is Jesus Christ." 

4. "Don't use all your whips and beans in the first arse race."

5. "It was a big whale. It was a smelly whale. Most importantly, it was a dead whale. Obviously, a half ton of dynamite was required."

6. A few words between acronychal and zenzizenzizenzic; a few phrases between 2C-B and zorbing

7. "Without salsa, Leonard Nimoy's projected level of excellence is not even controllable! However, as we suspected, with the benefit of salsa, Leonard Nimoy's level of excellence will be unstoppable." Also see the related game.

8. "Your ideas are special. And so are you."

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