u submit now!
[I would like to report the following to the “local public security organ.” 

For a reason yet to be fathomed, I have begun to receive electronic mail from China. The notes are in Chinese – that is to say, in kanji characters. With no recourse against this SinoSpam, I have taken to sending back a politic “Please remove me from your electronic mailing list,” translated through Babel Fish, so that my note reads:

As a public service, I would like to share the response to my response, delivered, as it were, through this wrinkle in the fabric of space/time.]

ú.... [I am left to conclude this is the salutation transmorphed through codegarblespeak] 

Here is the People's Daily hub special-purpose post office box, you receive the mail is not sends out from our here, but was some people braves with info to send the junk mail to you, asked you directly to report to the authorities to the local public security organ. Extremely is sorry! 

Wishes: Works happily! 

People's Daily hub 
Chaoyang area  [This pair must have been untranslatable – why?  Is it a Chinese curse?] 
West road 2nd 
China Beijing zip code: 100733 
E-mail: info@peopledaily.com.cn 
telephone: 86-10-65092993 
facsimile: 86-10-65092893 
http://www.people.com.cn *

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