Nixon: good evening Pam

Pamela : hey there Rich!

Nixon: how's it going?

Nixon: i read your short stories. a while ago.  i enjoyed them. i always do.  

Nixon: and i'm sorry about the distance.  however, you can't totally blame me.  you did send me prefabricated emails every day for a week telling me you didn't really want to do much with me.

Pamela : you are so right but nonetheless really silly.

Nixon: but i'm not playing some lame blame game.  

Pamela : i was thinking about it today, and i had some third party perspective, and i know that i am very intense, have various issues with such matters when there seems to be a lack of empathy...all in all. i really didn’t mean to be so cruel.

Nixon: i know.  but granted, much was warranted

Pamela : and you know what? i should be understanding of you, that you are of the breed of artists that are amazing, you need your creative space.

Nixon: yeah. but don't let me take advantage of that.  it encourages laziness

Pamela : you need to let yourself breathe and be free

Pamela : no Rich.

Pamela : i love that you are an artist. 

Pamela : i was being selfish because i wanted to rape the hell out of the fact that you are the product of so much distance, unhappiness...

Nixon: a product of these things?

Pamela : well wouldn’t you say are?

Pamela : your emotional distance is the result of those things...

Pamela : maybe not

Pamela : feel free to interject

Nixon: or are those things the result of emotional distance?

Pamela : the cat is chasing her tail...and i want her to stop.

Nixon: put her in front of a fan and make her meow

Nixon: you will laugh for days

Pamela : oh No! Rich! um, the prefab'ed emails...they weren’t to suggest that i didn’t want anything to do with you.

Pamela : if i put her in front of the fan, will certain parts of her anatomy be shackled and ruffed up by the spinning blades?

Pamela : i am laughing for days as of now.

Nixon: well, you have to have some restraint

Pamela : in terms of?

Nixon: just close enough to get the meow to resonate through the wind

Pamela : but if she happens upon the sharpness belonging to these blades, whose to say that she wont become enchanted by their authenticity?

Pamela : (oh hey, was that remark about the cat a metaphor?)

Pamela : (or more importantly was that how you were responding my question?)

Nixon: was there a question?

Pamela : oh yeah.

Pamela : what are we restrained for?

Nixon: oh.  restrained to not put the cat in the fan

Nixon: oh crap. Pam i have to go. my ride is here. The driver of which has the most incredibly windswept hair.

Pamela : ok

Pamela : see you soon -maybe you will have windswept hair that dazzles and amazes too. 

Nixon: yes.  i'll write you and make sure that my hair is dazzling and frightening in its attempt at amazing you.  nitey nite lite bright

Pamela : later skater

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