Waki Gamez -- "Milli" to Steve Delahoyde's "Vanilli" in the musical duo known as Irritable Colon -- has kindly sent a rarely received drawing/text contribution. We would like you to see it. We are writing these words because the comic includes three VERY LARGE IMAGES. We think it would have been too weird to have the slowly loading images on the opening page of the site, since for most people it would seem like nothing was there until the images came in. To see these images you will have to click THESE WORDS and then be patient, unless your connection is really fast. It's worth it. If you don't believe us, we asked Mr. Gamez to provide a brief persuasive introduction to his comic; this is what we received: 
"Where to begin? My God  . . . they'll have found me soon. But before they do, I must tell you a story. It is a tale of uncompromising brutality. It is a tale of the most frivolous kind. It is a tale that harkens back to the more impressionable days of my youth. It is a tale that contains pictures and an herby fragrance. So go ahead and take a look and loudly exclaim things as you read it and turn it over and over in your roundish head and please do take a look, won't you?"
Go on, then, please take a look!


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