How It Happened: The Latest at the Top, The Longest Ago Below

By Caleb Michael Sarvis (11/15/17)

By Chris Richardson (9/18/17)

Ballhaus Kriesel
By Derick Dupre (7/23/17)

The End (8/25/14)

Biography of a Colour
By Jeroen van Honk (5/11/14)

Flash Mob
By Stephenson Muret (5/4/14)

Tom Hanks Just Showed Up
By Sean Neville (3/2/14)

All New Rejections from the Eyeshot Outbox (Book Promo Edition!)

Announcing the Impending Publication of Thanks and Sorry and Good Luck: Rejection Letters from the Eyeshot Outbox

Eyeshot's Belated Reading Rundown for 2013
By Eyeshot al Sheriff (1/12/14)

Four Single Panel Comics
By Kevin Hyde (12/22/13)

Our Satellite Problem
By Robert Detman (12/11/13)

The Love Song of H.R.K. Sommers 
By Kevin O'Cunin (12/1/13)

Why I Am a Racist
By Virs Rana (11/22/13)

Unstable Verbal Containers Addressing the Instability of Human Interactions in Iceland
By Rich Ives (11/14/13)

By Sean Rabin (11/11/13)

Mrs. Podolski Defines Schlimmbesserung
By Robert Wexelblatt (11/4/13)

Vollmann the Shark
An Account of a Presentation by William T. Vollmann About The Book of Dolores
on October 24, 2013, in Brooklyn, NY, USA
By Donnie Boman (10/26/13)

A Brief Biography of Ugo de' Medici
By Dan Morey (10/20/13)

Spiked Black Tongues at the Indignant Cafe
By Mark McKee (10/12/13)

The Trap (That Night of Candles)
By Michael Hemmingson (9/7/13)

What May Be Bad for My Soul
By Karen Ashburner (8/12/13)

Tunings, Counterfactuals
By Michelle Herman (7/14/13)

A Glowing Display of Terrestrial Intelligence: Equilateral by Ken Kalfus

Dog Days (Audio)
By Robert Stribley (5/10/13)

The Hanger Thief (Audio)
By Bob Williams (3/14/13)

An All-New Alternating Mode: Recent Hits & All-Time Favorites

Eyeshot's Exhaustive Year-End Reading Rundown (2012)
By Eyeshot Al Sherrif (12/23/12)

Unicorn Porn
By Lao Guardian (12/16/12)

In a Human Vein
By Sean Neville (9/30/12)

The Secrets of Literary Success
By David B. Comfort (9/6/12)

By Donnie Boman (8/25/12)

An Attempt at Re-Exhausting a Place in Paris
By Jimmy Lo (8/1/12)

Quetions in Padgett Powell's The Interrogative Mood Answered by Chatbots
By Ryan Ridge (7/28/12)

By Vilém Vok (7/21/12)

Eyeshot Recommends Will Oldham on Bonnie 'Prince' Billy

Impressions of a Magnificent Mega-Novel and a Memorable Mini-Novel by Robert Musil

Travels to Byzantium
By AE Rieff (6/9/12)

Eyeshot Recommends Javier Cercas's Soldiers of Salamis

Eyeshot Recommends Michel Houellebecq's The Map & the Territory

Eyeshot Recommends Mark Leyner's The Sugar Frosted Nutsack

Mimesis in Venice
By Brad Liening (1/29/12)

Books We Read in 2011 That Left the Longest Lasting Lingering Positive Impression (12/28/11)

What It's Like
By Gavin McCall (12/17/11)

A Disquisition on the Centrality of Sandwiches in Corporate Britain
By M.J. Nicholls (12/3/11)

By Jamie Allen (11/28/11)

By Charles Ullmann (11/13/11)

Sobbing Over Salted Mangos With Tonya Harding
By Bradley Alan Kreutzberg (11/8/11)

Eyeshot Recommences Receipt and Review of Electronic Submissions

Eyeshot Recommends Lightning Rods by Helen DeWitt

During the long hot wet summer of '11, Eyeshot recommended Sesshu Foster's Atomik Aztex;
Rudolph Wurlitzer's Slow Fade; Alfred Doblin's Berlin Alexanderplatz

Eyeshot Does Not Think "Rock 'n' Roll" Adequately Modifies the Noun "Novel"

Eyeshot's Rapture Preparedness Kit

Eyeshot Is Not Holding Its First Outloud Reading As Announced Eight Years Ago

Mama Eyeshot Accuses Eyeshot Editor of Elitist Verbal Scribbling After Reading Libambulator Essay

Eyeshot Ain't Too Proud to Pimp an Essay About Reading While Walking By Its Editor

The Legend of the Holy Drinker (Roth), All the Sad Young Literary Men (Gessen), Against Nature (Huysmans), and Things: A Story of the Sixties & A Man Asleep (Perec) added to the Readerly Resonance Chamber

Eyeshot Is Really Actually Receiving Postcard Submissions From People

Eyeshot Sells Out and Announces Digital Subscription Plan

Eyeshot Associates Unrelated Cinematic Experiences Instead of Doing Unnecessary Harm


Excerpts From Eyeshot's Deepest Darkest Outbox Archive

Very Brief Insubstantial Impressions of Chris Ware's Very Impressive Serialized Hardcover "Acme Novelty Library" Numbers 18, 19, & 20 

Late-Winter 2011 -- Submissions reopen (postcards uber alles!) but not electronically. Deep-Freeze Exploratory Cocoon Hibernation Programming Experience advances and editor regains some enthusiam for the online endeavor known as Eyeshot. Tells some friends that it feels like the olden days when the internet was new and not the corporate social networking clusterfudge it's become. New posts semi-daily. 

Winter 2010 -- Eyeshot's Deep-Freeze Exploratory Cocoon Hibernation Programming Experience
Submissions indefinitely closed! All non-super simple formatting essentially wiped! Exploration of Eyeshotty future proceeds all rangy and dangly and largely untracked hereafter on this page! (Here's where things are now, in case you're wonderin')

Fall 2010 -- Eyeshot Storms the Contentless Content Horizon

This season's lackluster installment includes some correspondence, a patriotic writing constraint by Darby Larson, a call for reviewers, blurbers, and hypers to disclose potential conflicts of interest, and a fresh collection of impressions of a bunch of books.

Summer 2010 -- Arise, Eyeshot, Like a Mighty Unshy Phoenix!

The July-August installment of Eyeshot includes a story called "Last Days" by Mike Ingram, an "essay" by Kevin Hyde "about" Robert Bolaño, seven terrible good reasons to quit your job and work on your novel, a collection of impressions of a few Brat Pack books, the first installment of Q&A with an aluminum shark, and not much more!

June 2010

Singular Pleasures (Harry Mathews), Gilead (Marilynne Robinson), Less Than Zero (Bret Easton Ellis), andDetective Story (Imre Kertész) added to the Readerly Resonance Chamber. (6/14/10)

April 2010

Jeff in Venice, Death in Varanasi (Geoff Dyer) and Although Of Course You End Up Becoming Yourself: A Road Trip with David Foster Wallace (David Lipsky) added to the Readerly Resonance Chamber

American Psycho (Bret Easton Ellis), The Sea, The Sea (Iris Murdoch), Bottomless Belly Button (Dash Shaw), Antwerp (Roberto Bolano), After the Workshop (John McNally), and "Baseball Is Just Baseball": The Understated Ichiro (David Shields) added to either room of the Readerly Resonance Chamber (4/11/10)

$75 raised via the Eyeshot Experiment in Literary Altruism donated to Mighty Writers (4/7/10)

March 2010

The Absolutely Final Installment of Rejection Letters From the Eyeshot Outbox (3/29/10)

Asterios Polyp (David Mezzuchelli), The Notebook (Agota Kristof), A Common Pornography (Kevin Sampsell), and Fun Home (Alison Bechdel) added to the Readerly Resonance Chamber (3/1/10)

February 2010

The Messenger (Charles Wright) and Pieces for the Left Hand added to the Readerly Resonance Chamber (2/17/10)

January 2010

Experiment in Editorial Altruism Begins, Fiction Posting Ends Again (This Time For Good?!) (1/23/10)

The Dolphin People (Torsten Krol) added to the Readerly Resonance Chamber (1/2/10)

December 2009

Crossing the Artic Circle in Summer
By Catherine Batac Walder (12/16/09)

November 2009

Gathering Evidence (Thomas Bernhard) and Das Kapital (Viken Berberian) added to the Readerly Resonance Chamber (11/30/09)

Animal Collective Hero
By Nathaniel Missildine (11/29/09)

Daily Future Life Predictions From the Hotmalluauntywetsarisexboobs Dotcomcenter
Based in the Tropicool Icy-Land Urban Indian Slum
By Kuzhali Manickavel (11/20/09)

Excerpts From Ici
By Amy Belk (11/7/09)

October 2009

Wake Up, Sir! (Jonathan Ames) and The Interrogative Mood (Padgett Powell) added to the Readerly Resonance Chamber (10/28/09)

Walden Cribs
By Jimmy Chen (10/24/09) 

Infinite Jest added to the Readerly Resonance Chamber

Eyeshot Fully Supports the Fightin' Phils in the 2009 Playoffs

September 2009

Real Madrid
A Fictional Story About a Michael Jackson Impersonator

Crappy iPhone Photos from Recent Rock Shows

Another Quaquaversalist Puppycat

August 2009 

The Most Recent (& Most Likely Final) Rejection Letters From the Eyeshot Outbox: Volume 9

Michael Vick & Serious Carnivorous Action Every Sunday

Werner Herzog: Conquest of the Useless

July 2009

Eyeshot Is Over

June 2009

Unbcoming a Librarian
By Michelle Reale (6/25/09)

May 2009

The Pork Shunter's Fingers
By Ben Segal (5/14/09)

April 2009

Etgar Keret
By John Horne Canning (4/13/09)

Alternating Mode (4/2/09)

March 2009

And May the Lord Grant the Blessings to All Who Want So Hard
By Richey Piiparinen (3/27/09)

The Scraper
By Randall DeVallance (3/21/09)

Meat From a Meat Man
By Lindsay Hunter (3/15/09)

Low Brow
By Ravi Mangla (3/7/09)

Excerpts from Bloodfire, the First Eyeshot Book

February 2009

The End of Blogging As We Now Know It
By Molly Gaudry (2/20/09)

Small World
By John Haggerty (2/14/09)

The Cliff
By K. Kvashay-Boyle (2/7/09)

January 2009

By Benjamin Buchholz (1/31/09)

My Wasted Years Inside Amber Melmoth
By Orlo Yeahblip (1/24/09)

Books added to The Readerly Resonance Chamber include Renegade: The Life and Times of Mark E. Smith and Distant Star by Roberto Bolaño (1/14/09)

By Darby Larson (1/11/09)

Maybe It's Time to Start a Family
By Brendan Procé (1/1/09)

December 2008

The "Gold Star Reserve" Collection

The "Eyeshot Literary Escort Service" Collection

By Roberto Bolaño / Trans. Riley Hanick (12/6/08)

November 2008

Eyeshot-Brand Spam #9: Up Your Seasonal Warmth With Rejections & Resonances & More!

Rejection Letters from the Eyeshot Outbox: Volume Eight

How Much the Ants Carry
By Tania Hershman (11/15/08)

Books added to The Readerly Resonance Chamber include The Elegance of the Hedgehog, Stoner, Samedi the Deafness, Exit Ghost, Enormous Changes at the Last Minute, The Road, Last Night at the Lobster, Netherland, Time and Tide, and This Side of Paradise (11/15/08)

Fighting It
By Matthew Vollmer (11/3/08)

October 2008

Books added to the newly founded Readerly Resonance Chamber include 2666, What I Talk About When I Talk About Running, Libra, Too Loud a Solitude,The Last Samurai, A Personal Matter, The Weight of the World, The Elementary Particles, Wide-Eyed, On Being Blue, Correction, A Sport & a Pasttime, I Am Not Jackson Pollock, Whatever, Who Will Run the Frog Hospital?, Signfiying Rappers, The Beauty of the Husband, Out of Sheer Rage, Garden, Ashes, and The Rings of Saturn

By Mark Leidner (10/13/08)

September 2008

Futomaki Is for Posers
By Mike Damascus (9/19/08)

RIP DFW (9/14/08)

August 2008

On Ways of Dealing With Tripping in Public
By Crispin Best (8/21/08)

Legends of the Fall
By AE Reiff (8/12/08)

July 2008

Y Tu Yo Yo Ma Tambien
By Jimmy Chen (7/26/08)

Here Ye Knives
By Ravi Mangla (7/6/08)

June 2008

Franz Kafka, Pickup Artist
By Jason Rhode (6/12/08)

Let's Do It
By Steve Finbow (6/4/08)

May 2008

By Roderic Crooks (5/9/08)

April 2008

By Rory Douglas (4/20/08)

March 2008

By Jenna Humphrey (3/31/08)

Lawnmower Season
By Spencer Troxell (3/19/08)

Loose Ends
By Greg Gerke (3/2/08)

February 2008

A Glacial Parade
By Brian Foley (2/21/08)

January 2008

Novel Lists, Novel Ahs
by Paul Klinger (1/1/08)

December 2007

Quinton, Lorna & Fat Susan
By Sean Ruane (12/2/07)

November 2007

Flipping Out
By Tria Andrews (11/4/07)

October 2007

Recent Rejection Letters from the Eyeshot Outbox: Volume Seven (10/7/07)

September 2007

Eyeshot Lee Klein
By Jimmy Chen (9/15/07)

About True Stories
By William Petersen (9/2/07)

August 2007

Anna Was An Acorn
By Ryan Boyle (8/1/07)

July 2007

The Handshake
By Lee Klein (7/1/07)

June 2007

Twelve Like Giants
By C.M. Daubenspeck (6/10/07)

May 2007

By David Gianadda (5/6/07)

April 2007

Putting Down Roots in Boppard on the Rhine
By Kevin Ó Cuinn (4/24/07)

The Pornstar
By Michael Stewart (4/13/07)

Jealousy Ill Suits a Waiter (Part 3)
By Randall DeVallance (4/6/07)

March 2007

A Bout of Existentialism (Part 2)
By Randall DeVallance (3/27/07)

Adaptation (Part I)
By Randall DeVallance (3/21/07)

Written on Sixty-Seventh Listen: Panda Bear's "Person Pitch"
By Throop Roebling (3/3/07)

February 2007

Thomas Bernhard & The Necessity of Complaint
By Maximillian Maxwell, Jr. (2/22/07)

Rene . . . Zelleweger? I Think
By Matt Maxwell (2/12/07)

Of Time and The Liver
By Michael Gause (2/6/07)

January 2007

A Wilderness, Become A State
By J. Edward Vanno (1/25/07)

God of Gaps
By Alek Lindus (1/21/07)

For Kenneth
By Nadine Darling (1/13/07)

December 2006

The Last American Gentleman
By Kevin Kinsella (12/30/06)

By Lars Russell (12/7/06)

October 2006

God Likes My Curveball
By Runtsfelder Le Bosch (10/1/06)

August 2006

Understander Aloft
By Able Apples (8/21/06)

Reflections on Sin, Pain, Hope, & The True Way: #1 - Summertime (8/12/06)

Disappear Mt. Rainier: Video (8/3/06)


All Aboard the Bloated Boat: Arguments in Favor of Barry Bonds (5/11/06)

By Throop Roebling (5/2/06)

April 2006

Shots of the Iowa City Tornado (4/14/06)

March 2006

The Penitent Life
By Randall DeVallance (3/1/06)

February 2006

Fifteen Stories Beginning With "Once Upon A Time"
By Rachel Summer Tupelo (2/1/06)

January 2006


December 2005

The Poet's Alphabet
By Tracey Hill (12/1/05)

November 2005

Bee Stings
By Ricky Garni (11/1/05)

October 2005

Voring Falls, Or Voringfossen
By Terrence Dunn (10/1/05)

September 2005

One-Minute Killers
By Steve Finbow (9/2/05)

August 2005

An Interesting Thing About Jimmy Carter & Tiger Woods (8/15/05)

Stroke of Luck or Butter on Toast
By Shelly Rich (8/8/05)

With Jamie Allen (8/2/05)

July 2005

Bedroom, Circa 1988
By Marc Peacock Brush (7/25/05)

Problems Faced by Victorian Paparazzi
By James Warner (7/17/05)

If Molly Loved Bunyan
By Brian Willems (7/10/05)

Groundhog Day at the Palace
By Kevin O Cuinn (7/5/05)

June 2005

The Dicing of Onions With Short, Sharp Knives
By Dan Weaver (6/26/05)

My Fantastic Death
By Darby Larson (6/12/05)

The Tyranny of the Middle-Aged Short-Story Writers
By Andrew Day (6/1/05)

May 2005

Why I'll Always Wear Layers
By Caroline Kepnes (5/15/05)

Columbus of the Cloaca: A Memoir of Revolutionary Paris
By J. Sallini-Genovese (5/7/05)

By Jenny Bitner (5/1/05)

April 2005

By Joey Comeau (4/25/05)

The Shark Was Stubborn & They Both Starved
By Tao Lin (4/17/05)

The Circus From Where I Stand
By Charles Ullmann (4/13/05)

Letters to Frank Conroy From His Students

March 2005

By Steven Coy (3/31/05)

I Wore My Mother's Face
By Michael Fowler (3/27/05)

Three Simple Steps to Reviving the Democratic Party
By Will Layman (3/24/05)

By Rachel Summer Tupelo (3/21/05)

Optimist's Club
By Daniel Alarcon (3/2/05)

February 2005

Valparaiso de Mi Amor
By Daniel Alarcon (2/25/05)

Radio Cooperativa
By Daniel Alarcon (2/21/05)

Steak & Pizza
By Daniel Alarcon (2/18/05)

Las Cañas & Gualeguaychu
By Daniel Alarcon (2/16/05)

Secret Illicit Night Movements
By Chris Diken (2/10/05)

Other Things That May Very Well Eat Me
By Spencer Troxell (2/4/05)

January 2005

Buenos Aires, Montevideo & Colonia
By Daniel Alarcon (1/29/05)

Nominations & Other News for Now

December 2004

Directions for Using My My Slo-Mo Button
By Jamie Allen (12/13/04)

Because You Just Lie There And I Want To
By Steve Finbow (12/05/04)

November 2004

Alma's Ears
By Steven Coy (11/30/04)

Weerding Filk
By F.R.R. Mallory (11/25/04)

The Night I Got Jumped . . . But Didn't
By Jon Friedman (11/17/04)

Post-Election Analysis
By Will Layman (11/11/04)

Transmission Sent Shortly After Kerry's Concession
By Chris O. Cook (11/7/04)

Post-Election Mourning (11/3/04)

October 2004

Last Minute Election Predictions
By Will Layman (10/29/04)

Deleted Scenes Included on "The Passion of the Christ" New Collector's Edition DVD
By Stephen Ausherman (10/25/04)

By Bay Anapol (10/21/04)

Spirit and Opportunity
By David Connerly Nahm (10/15/04)

Deleted Lines From My Replies to Mass Mailings
By Jeffrey Yamaguchi (10/10/04)

In the Fashion
By Case Miller (10/6/04)

From the Journal of Mike Shipley, Unfit Parent
By Randall DeVallance (10/3/04)

September 2004

Gratuitous Sex
By Matt Maxwell (9/29/04)

Rolling to a Stop
By David Kennerly (9/26/04)

Fortune Cookie Mistakes (In Haiku Form)
By Kevin Sampsell (9/22/04)

Where I Live(d)
By William Painter (9/19/04)

By Christopher J. Stephens (9/16/04)

Outsourcing My Love
By Mike Sacks (9/13/04)

9/11 Memorial (9/11/04)

Chicken or Fish
By Grant Bailie (9/7/04)

Pictures From the Republican National Convention Protests
By Chad Laird (9/6/04)

Lamb, Three Ways
By Melissa Bell (9/3/04)

August 2004

The Truth About Belafonte Garcia
By Jamie Allen (8/23/04)

Alternating Mode (8/1/04)

July 2004

Not Very Far From the Tree
By Savannah Schroll (7/26/04)

I Am the Third
By Ronnie Cordova (7/23/04)

Memoirs of a Twenty-Four-Year-Old
By Christophe Richardson (7/21/04)

By Jay Wexler (7/19/04)

And the Birds Were Singing
By Grant Perry (7/16/04)

Falling Man
By Kerim Peirce (7/14/04)

The Nature of Planets
By Darby Larson (7/12/04)

Marlene & Philip
By Ryan Kennebeck (7/9/04)

By Lars Russell (7/8/04)

Recent Rejection Letters From the Eyeshot Outbox: Volume Six

The Politics of Spangles
By Steve Finbow (7/2/04)

June 2004

By Randall DeVallance (6/29/04)

We Did Not Call This Boy Brother
By Peter Markus (6/25/04)

Post-Its Framing Candles
By Sarah Stodola (6/23/04)

Why I Can't Vote Nader
By Matthew Simmons (6/21/04)

The Babysitter
By Annie DiMario (6/18/04)

The Self-Portrait Blog
By Mr. Nessuno (6/16/04)

Midlife Career Transition
By Stephen Ausherman (6/15/04)

By William Pelot Moore (6/14/04)

By Charles Ullmann (6/11/04)

Final Call
By James Stegall (6/9/04)

Five Poems
By Shafer Hall & Erica Kaufman (With Titles From Daniel Nester) (6/6/04)

Meeting James Brooks
By G. David Schwartz (6/4/04)

After Ice Cream
By Michael Hartford (6/2/04)

May 2004

So There Was This Myth
By C. Namwali Serpell (5/30/04)

This Is All Very Like The Last Time
By Steve Finbow (5/27/04)

An Advice Columnist's Advice to Herself
By Gina Zucker (5/25/04)

On This Date in Hypothetical History
By Eric Silver (5/23/04)

Things You Would Know About Paul If You Were His Friend
By Timmy Waldron (5/21/04)

Fight Club for Kindergartners
By Chris Higgs (5/19/04)

Pimping the Egotourism + Relocation Externalities + Refreshment of Editorial Energies

April 2004

Pindar's Apes
By Bruce Gatenby (4/29/04)

A Rack of My Own
By Michael Fowler (4/27/04)

Sir Isaac Everything
By Jeremy Richards (4/25/04)

We Look At Porn So You Don't Have To
By Mark O'Neil (4/22/04)

The Journeyman
By Aaron Burch (4/20/04)

The Photographer
By Boo Boo Wilkes (4/19/04)

The Lost Movie Theaters of Southeastern Brooklyn & Rockaway Beach
By Richard Grayson (4/15/04)

Lip Reading Classes Five Bucks
By Shafer Hall (4/11/04)

Variations on a Party
By Charles Ullmann (4/9/04)

Some of My Clothes Have Proper Names
By Kevin Hyde (4/7/04)

Absolut Boudinot
By Ryan Boudinot (4/6/04)

What Follows After He Steps Through the Door of the Restaurant Is Pretty Much A Given
By Elizabeth Arrighetti (4/4/04)

By Jamie Allen (4/1/04)

March 2004

The Wall Mirror
By James Stegall (3/29/04)

I'm So Sorry Katrina
By Kenneth Darling (3/26/04)

By Karl Lintvedt (3/24/04)

Selected Notes on the Later Works of Queen, The Author's Favorite Rock Band
By Daniel Nester (3/21/04)

The Seven Basic Plots
By John Leary (3/18/04)

How To Assassinate a Slam Poet
By Stephan Ausherman (3/17/04)

George Calls John to Congratulate Him on His Victory & Talk About Literature
By Andrew Bomback (3/16/04)

By Case Miller (3/14/04)

By Jeff Marsh (3/9/04)

Holy Shitballs!
By Joshua Bayvers (3/7/04)

The Island of Light
By Julie Douglas (3/3/04)

Man Alive!
By Beau Gunderson (3/1/04)

February 2004

An E-Mail Correspondence With a Republican
By Donnie Boman (2/29/04)

A More Complete Understanding of the Misery of the World
By Chris Diken (2/26/04)

Art or Else
By Maurice Oliver (2/25/04)

Tougher Than Anything in the Animal Kingdom
By Steve Finbow (2/23/04)

Writing: The Most Gay of Sciences
By Will Von Ratblood (2/19/04)

Bittersweet Gift
By Josh Campbell (2/18/04)

Black History Month Tributes to My Favorite Black People
By Christopher Monks (2/15/04)

Like the King Crying At His Graceland Giftshop (2/13/04)

Like Arkansas At Dawn (2/12/04)

Recycling Mode (2/2/04-2/12/04)

January 2004

There Are Many New Irritable Colon Videos
By President John Smith (1/30/04)

An E-Mail I Sent to Lorrie Moore
By Tao Lin (1/28/04)

The Accidental Flasher
By Michael Fowler (1/26/04)

By Alicia Gifford (1/22/04)

A Letter of Complaint & A Rejected Story
By Jeff Callico (1/21/04)

The Wooly Mammoth
By Claudia Smith (1/18/04)

Context, Part II: More on Susanna & The Color Red
By Calvin Liu (1/16/04)

If My Life Were to Appear Suddenly in the Movie Review Section of "The Saratogian Saturday Extra"
By Mark O'Neil (1/13/04)

By Traian Badulescu (1/11/04)

Recent Rejection Letters from the Eyeshot Outbox - Vol. 5

The One You've Seen A Zillion Times
By Josh Abraham (1/4/04)

December 2003

The Sofa
By Ryan Boudinot (12/31/03)

I Would Not, Could Not, In the Dark
By Terrence Dunn (12/26/03)

Eight Ways to Make Your Stocking Stuffers More Exciting!
By Kevin Hyde (12/23/03)

Action Badger
By Stephen Ausherman (12/21/03)

Eyeshot's Contribution to Yankee Pot Roast's "Neal Pollack Roast"
By Wilmer Wildebeestbreast (12/15/03)

Four Memories
By Theodore Beck (12/11/03)

A Woman Is A Woman Is An Angry Woman
By Jason Dulde (12/10/03)

A Letter From Stockholm About Immigrants & Public Speaking
By Jensen Whelan (12/6/03)

By C.J. Bledsoe (12/3/03)

November 2003

By Shauna McKenna (11/28/03)

Car Singer
By Steven Coy (11/24/03)

He Developed What His Wife Called A "London Library Complex"
By Karen Ashburner (11/20/03)

By Jared Hegwood (11/18/03)

Announcing Eyeshot's Friendly Shoppes for Aural & Textual Excitement

Dear Virus Alert Sender
By Kevin Sampsell (11/14/02)

True Things About Trish
By Kevin Fanning (11/12/03)

Context: This, A Photograph Taken During My Last Birthday Binge, Exactly One Year Ago
By Calvin Liu (11/10/03)

Crude Oil & Coffee Enemas: Xavier Lipshitz Writing From 30,000 Feet Above the Earth's Surface
By Matthew St. Amand (11/5/03)

(A Sea of) Blue Helmets
By William Painter (11/2/03)

October 2003

Brief Distraction of a Peculiar Sort
By Blake Butler (10/30/03)

By Elizabeth Ellen (10/26/03)

Some Empty Envelopes
By Donnie Boman (10/24/03)

A Critical Analysis of Lee Klein's "Not the Reason the Dodgers Left Town"
By Steven Coy (10/22/03)

My Friend Dick
By Darby Larson (10/19/03)

Study Guide for a Book in a Plain Brown Wrapper
By J.D. Finch (10/17/03)

By Gary Glauber (10/15/03)

Monday Morning
By Dorothee Lang (10/13/03)

Luka: Sixteen Years Later
By Christopher Monks (10/8/03)

By Jamie Allen (10/5/03)

The Chat
By Steve Delahoyde (10/1/03)

September 2003

Gunpowder for a Young Nation
By Karen Ashburner (9/29/03)

Not So Smart Young Man
By Geoff Wolinetz (9/26/03)

A Leaflet to Discourage Children From Becoming Too Involved With Their Therapists in Later Life
By Rob Sears (9/20/03)

Black & White Zoo
By Jay Wexler (9/17/03)

Introducing The Cruciflex
By Matthew St. Amand (9/14/03)

My God Died Young
By Thomas Roberge (9/7/03)

Pregnancy Lessons, Learned & Relayed
By Sandra Dee Crape (9/4/03)

The Situation's Gravity
By Steven Seighman (9/1/03)

August 2003

Recent Rejection Letters From the Eyeshot Outbox

Nothing Is Posted Today

August Alternation

Squirt Gun
By Aaron Burch (8/2/03)

July 2003

The Simplified Skeleton
By Karen Ashburner (7/29/03)

High-Def (Blue Line Rouge)
By William Painter (7/27/03)

By Dennis DiClaudio (7/24/03)

Introducing the Eyeshot Search Function: Enhanced Navigational Coherency

The Eyeshot Literary Escort Service Presents: Miss Lola Belle

Like Sand
By Matt Gordon (7/16/03)

Banana Girl
By Ted Bajek (7/13/03)

A Letter About A Dream & A Conversation About A Moose
By Jensen Whelan (7/10/03)

Embarrassing Situations
By Jamie Allen (7/7/03)

Hell No: A Play in One Act
By Calvin Liu (7/4/03)

Even More Submission
By Ali Hekal (7/3/03)

Interview With the Devil
By Matthew St. Amand (7/2/03)

June 2003

This Old Hammer Killed John Henry
By Karen Ashburner (6/29/03)

A Singular Obsession
By Savannah Schroll (6/26/03)

Results From Eyeshot's Second Silent Reading

Xavier Lipshitz & International Intrigue
By Matthew St. Amand (6/22/03)

Mid-Latitude Depressions
By Bryson Newhart (6/18/03)

Actual Letter Sent to Restaurant Corporation
Received by Steven Coy (6/17/03)

Flowers in My Back Pocket
By Donnie Boman (6/16/03)

By Mark Gordon (6/13/03)

My Real World Diary
By Ben Brown (6/11/03)

Idiot People With Guns
By Jamie Allen (6/9/03)

Old Navy
By Peter Dabbene (6/6/03)

Pick Me, Pick Me
By Michael Van Vleet (6/2/03)

May 2003

The Beginnings of The World
By Pitchaya Sudbanthad (5/30/03)

Linux Device Drivers: An Earlier Version
By Joey Mitchell Comeau (5/29/03)

Prior To Returning The Adoption
By Blake Butler (5/26/03)

Been All Around And Like No One
By Ken Fowles (5/23/03)

Seven Musical Virtues: Side B of A Confessional Mix-Tape
By Pasha Malla (5/21/02)

The Seagulls Circled Over Her Head
By Mark Gordon (5/18/02)

A Trio of Questionable Youngsters
By Tom Bradley (5/16/03)

The Eclipse
By Ovidiu Bufnila (5/14/03)

Where Were We?!?: Alibis & Accounts of Eyeshot's First Silent Reading

Requirements For A Position As My Lover
By Jensen Whalen (5/9/03)

The Puritan
By Ken McKenzie (5/7/03)

You Are A 14-Year-Old Arab Chick Who Just Moved To Texas
By Randa Jarrar (5/5/03)

You Are Invited To Read At Our First Reading (5/2/03)

Written On First Listen: Laetitia Sadier's "Monade"
By Throop Roebling (5/1/03)

April 2003

Landscape, With Geese
By Danielle Lavaque-Manty (4/30/03)

George's Burning
By Jamie Allen (4/27/03)

Announcing Our Inaugural Reading

Seven Musical Sins: A Confessional Mix Tape
By Pasha Malla (4/24/03)

Acceptance Letters From The Eyeshot Outbox

Writing Dynamic Fiction
By Rick Larsen (4/21/03)

My Muse
By Darby Larson (4/18/03)

My Cartoon Eye
By Joel Van Noord (4/16/03)

By Mark O'Neil (4/13/03)

13 Sentence Selections From The Online Journal Of A Famous Gay Porn Star
By Susannah Breslin (4/10/03)

Two Owls
By Kelvin Gordon (4/9/03)

Please Respond To The Following Statements
By James Stegall (4/7/03)

Please Imagine
By Steven Coy (4/4/03)

What To Do When You Enter The Room
By Kevin Fanning (4/2/03)

March 2003

Regarding The Insurance Defense Attorney
By Maud Newton (3/31/03)

Nothing Personal
By David Barringer (3/28/03)

Bumper Stickers
By Kevin Hyde (3/26/03)

The Summer Offensive
By Tobias Seamon (3/24/03)

The President's Handler
By Jamie Allen (3/21/03)

Last Words
By Matt Roden (3/19/03)

Ginny Wray's Memorial Compilation

Upcoming Appearances
By Maximillian "Max" Maxwell, Jr. (3/17/03)

Interview With The World's Most Fervent Sploshers
By Donnie Boman (3/14/03)

The Screenplay of Ted's Life: Scene #9,787
By Christopher Monks (3/11/03)

By Robert Pearre (3/8/03)

A Day At The Beach
By Dennis DiClaudio (3/5/03)

And All Her Bridges Burn'd
By Linda Boroff (3/3/03)

February 2003

Re: Our Relationship Wasn't A Game
By Pasha Malla (2/27/03)

In Transit
By Ginny Wray (2/25/03)

Share The Road
By Laura Golembiewski (2/22/03)

Vision Of Love
By James f. Ward (2/19/03)

Operation AWOL
By Diane Payne (2/16/03)

A Short Scene From Those Saintly Victorian Times
By Steve Delahoyde (2/12/03)

February Fun (2/7-2/11/03)

January 2003

Alternating Mode (1/18-2/6/03)

Worse Than Fur
By Paul A. Toth (1/16/03)

Because He Can
By Micahel Gates (1/12/03)

The Girl Who Chased The Boys
By Elizabeth Ellen (1/8/03)

Harrison's Hand
By Chris Power (1/6/03)

Che In The Amazon
By Michael Alan (1/1/03)

December 2002

Interpretation Of, And Pronunciation Guide For, REO Speedwagon's 1980 Hit, 'Keep On Lovin' You'
By Jamie Allen (12/22/02)

On The Freeway
By Tracy Scarpino (12/20/02)

The Red Light
By Ginny Wray (12/18/02)

Written on First Listen: Godspeed You! Black Emperor's "Yanqui U.X.O."
By Throop Roebling (12/16/02)

By J.B. Miller (12/13/02)

More Submission
By Ali Hekal (12/12/02)

Anxieties Of The First Trimester
By Shauna McKenna (12/11/02)

The Eyeshot Literary Escort Service Presents Whitney Pastorek

Something For A Nickel
By Tobias Seamon (12/6/02)

My Beautiful Son
By Aaron Burch (12/4/02)

Meaninglessness, Or The Leprechaun Who Granted Me Three Magical Beers
By Karl Lintvedt (12/2/2002)

November 2002

9 Tips To Spice Up Your Sex Life
By Eric Spitznagel (11/29/02)

How To Navigate Your Dreams
By Jamie Allen (11/27/02)

Interview With An Independent Publisher On His Recent Vascetomy
By Jim Ruland (11/25/02)

This Part Of Town
By Dorothee Lang (11/20/02)

Looking For "You" + 1%
By Mr. Nessuno (11/18/02)

The Eyeshot Literary Escort Service Presents Elizabeth Ellen

Some Notes Regarding My Stint As Second-And-A-Half String Center On My Freshman Football Team, Circa 1983
By Jay Wexler (11/13/02)

If On A Winter's Night, A Minotaur Plus Four
By Noah Hoffenberg (11/11/02)

An Interview With Donnie Boman,The World's Leading Creative Plagiarist

Lesbian Terrorists
By Donnie Boman (11/6/02)

By Darren Higgins (11/4/02)

Self-Portrait, With Squirrels
By Ginny Wray (11/1/02)

October 2002

A Short Examination in Forensic Pathology
By Mark O'Neil (10/30/02)

Eyeshot Literary Escort Service Presents Shauna McKenna (10/28/02)

A Comic
By Waki Gamez (10/25/02)

Beware The Ides Of March
By Emerson Dameron (10/24/02)

By Ali Hekal (10/23/02)

Larger On Smaller
By Nathan Ihara (10/20/02)

The Eyeshot Literary Escort Service Presents Sam Lipsyte (10/17/02)

Felicity or Velocity
By Theresa Rusho (10/16/02)

How To Engage In Certain Activities During These Crazy Times
By Jamie Allen AKA "A Concerned Citizen" (10/14/02)

Obsession With Sheila
By Vanessa Morsse (10/11/02)

Finally, A Fair Review of Zadie Smith's "The Autograph Man"
By Throop Roebling (10/9/02)

The Readathon
By Kevin Hyde (10/6/02)

I Was An Ice Cream Man: Part II
By Miss Lola Belle (10/3/02)

Zombie Apocalypse
By Matt Roden (10/1/02)

September 2002

Rejection Letters From The Eyeshot Outbox: Volume Three (9/29/02)

Water On The Rocks
By Cameron McClure (9/27/02)

The White Oliphaunts
By Tobias Seamon (9/25/02)

Jonathan Safran Foer Presents "A Tale of Two Cities"
By Seth Endo (9/22/02)

By Elizabeth Ellen (9/20/02)

The Thumbsucker's Girlfriend
By Derek Jenkins (9/18/02)

Another Reconstituted IM Transcript
By Christine Hamm (9/17/02)

An Open Letter To A Thief
By Donnie Boman (9/16/02)

91 Contemporary Ballets
By Richard Kostelanetz (9/13/02)

Announcing The Open Hand of Eyeshot's Humility (9/12/02)

The Tiger Trap
By Lee Klein (9/11/02)

I Die
By Kevin Hyde (9/9/02)

On The Jitney
By Ginny Wray (9/5/02)

Eyeshot-Brand Spam: We Are Indiscriminately Soliciting Women (9/4/02)

Crying, Counting, Looking, Burning, Calling, Burning
By Nathan Ihara (9/4/02)

August 2002

Nothing Is Posted Today
By No One (8/16/02 to 9/3/02)

Six Prose Poems No One Else Will Publish
By Mr. Nessuno (8/15/02)

By Meg Buzzi (8/13/02)

Star Comedy By Democrats
By Donnie Boman (8/12/02)

Collected Letters: Installment Five
By Steve Delahoyde (8/9/02)

Collected Letters: Installment Four
By Steve Delahoyde (8/8/02)

Collected Letters: Installment Three
By Steve Delahoyde (8/7/02)

Collected Letters: Installment Two
By Steve Delahoyde (8/6/02)

Collected Letters: Installment One
By Steve Delahoyde (8/5/02)

Big Bad Bud
By Jim Ruland (8/1/02)

July 2002

Ping-Pong Central
By Jamie Allen (7/30/02)

Seeping Sand
By Ginny Wray (7/26/02)

The Dream
By Lydia Copeland (7/24/02)

By Kevin Hyde (7/22/02)

The Rejection of Caine's Poetry

The Business Mohawk
By Ben Brown (7/18/02)

By Steve Delahoyde (7/16/02)

Packing Heat In Oslo
By Ptim Callan (7/13/02)

The Giant Clempen
By David Barringer (7/11/02)

Adventures Of An Alliterative Abecedarian
By Bryson Newhart (7/9/02)

A Warning Against Divinity & Praise For Superintendency
By John Dermot Woods (7/8/01)

The Thing In My Pants
By Maud Newton (7/5/01)

No One Likes It
By Kevin Hyde (7/3/02)

I Will Not Be Reading Tonight
By Lee Klein (7/1/02)

June 2002

The Eyeshot Literary Escort Service Presents The Other Lee Klein (6/28/02)

I Was An Ice Cream Man
By Miss Lola Belle (6/24/02)

The Hel
By Kelly Daniels (6/24/02)

Dan & Camille
By Sven Dali (6/23/02)

The Eyeshot Literary Escort Service Presents Jonathan Ames (6/20/02)

This Exit
By Ginny Wray (6/17/02)

Karaoke Daydream, In Three Parts
By Jamie Allen (6/14/02)

Lame Twat Who Likes To Karaoke
Writes A Couple Of Personal Ads
By Donnie Boman (6/12/02)

The Note
By Kathy Cheng (6/10/02)

A Note on the Reorganization of the Left Drop-down Menu (6/9/02)

The Weaning
By Micheal Fowler (6/7/02)

Three Letters & Three Poems: Gopy Darling's Third Installment

How The Butterfly Lost Its Wings
By Ptim Callan (6/4/02)

Public Access
By Ron Gibson, Jr (6/2/02)

May 2002

The Apple
By Waki Gamez & Steve Delahoyde (5/31/02)

The Machine
By Steve Delahoyde & Waki Gamez (5/30/02)

We Want To Stand Out
By Sarah M. Balcomb (5/28/02)

Why You Should Touch My Balls
By Will RatBlood (5/26/02)

Super Nose & The Toll She Took On Milk, Please
By David Gianadda (5/24/02)

Both Of Us Pushing
By Scott Gould (5/22/02)

Does God Wear Boxers Or Briefs?: A Transcryptic Medley From The Referendum On The Mississippi State Flag
By Michael Frost (5/20/02)

Two Recent Letters From Gopy Darling

Arguments In Favor Of A Generally Unpopular Belief
By Viento Fuerte (5/16/02)

Lies, Half-Truths, & Societal Manipulations
By Judd Hampton (5/15/02)

Excerpt From "Peggie"
By Robert Levin (5/14/02)

Announcing Eyeshot's Area For Textual Encounter (5/11/02)

Interview Pertaining To Giant Squid
By Ramon Benetiz (5/10/02)

Letter To Alison
By David Barringer (5/8/02)

All New Rejection Letters From The Eyeshot Outbox (5/7/02)

My Hair Is So Crazy
By Jamie Allen (5/4/02)

Chicken (Part II)
By James Stegall (5/2/02)

Chicken (Part I)
By James Stegall (5/1/02)

April 2002

Scramble the Stacks! - Scraps of Text Depicting A Few Days During Which Eyeshot Fucked With The Underground Literary Alliance (4/30/02)

Something I Stole From A Child's Science Book, Circa 1964
By Karen Ashburner (4/28/02)

The Scattering
By Jennifer Amey (4/25/02)

Sequel Rights
By Ian Randall Wilson (4/23/02)

Traumarama Revisted
By Waki Gamez & Steve Delahoyde (4/21/02)

Words Beginning With The Letter B, Illustrated By A Bold Tale About A Boy Named B.
By Silvia Chair (4/19/02)

True Love
By Sona Avakian (4/17/02)

Polygamy Problems
By Claire Zulkey (4/15/02)

Lil' Crawdaddy Heaven
By David Barringer (4/12/02)

A Quick Comment About All the Similes (& The Letter "N") in Kevin Brockmeier's "Things That Fall From The Sky"
By Throop Roebling (4/11/02)

Words Beginning With the Letter A, Illustrated By A Fanciful Tale About A Woman Named A.
By Dawn Treader (4/9/02)

The Motions
By Kristin McGonigle (4/5/02)

The Day After Spiderman Blew Out Of Town
By Danielle LaVaque-Manty (4/1/02)

March 2002

Notes on Notes
By Sarah Stodola (3/31/02)

How To Lose Over 100 Pounds in One Day
By James Lewis (3/29/02)

Your Story Got Picked Up
By Susan Henderson (3/25/02)

A Heartfelt Plea To Two Victual Behemoths
By Waki Gamez (3/24/02)

The Eyeshot Literary Escort Service Presents James Norton (3/21/02)

Nothing Happened
By Max Liu (3/16/02)

The Eyeshot Literary Escort Service Presents Drachen Fliegen (3/13/02)

Seven Ways To Quiet Your Nerves
By Matt Hale (3/11/02)

How It Was When I Lost My Fingernail
By Thisbe Nissen (3/8/02)

The Eyeshot Literary Escort Service Presents Steve Delahoyde (3/6/02)

Letter to the Editor: Introducing Eyeshot's Literary Escort Service (3/4/02)

The Bible, Walt Whitman, & Leo Tolstoy
By Catherine Daly (3/3/02)

Body of Work
By Brian Alan Lane (3/01/02)

February 2002

The Karma of 10,000 Turkeys
By Barrett Crary (2/27/02)

A Smidgeon of Supposed Dialogue From A Book I've Never Read
By Steve Delahoyde (2/25/02)

Death & The Salesman
By Paul Jason Street (2/22/02)

Bleeding Heart
By Ginny Wray (2/20/02)

By Brian Ames (2/19/02)

You Should Buy This Now: Pindeldyboz #2 (2/18/02)

Brainbust II (2/10/02)

Exp. Caterpillar
By Karl Lindvedt (2/7/02)

Excerpt From "Bar Room Etiquette"
By Barrett Crary (2/6/02)

I Punched Up The Press Packet A Bit
By James Norton (2/3/02)

January 2002

Four New Noble Professions
By Lindsay Robertson (1/30/02)

Sub Mission
By Steve Delahoyde (1/28/02)

Some Notes on Etiquette
By Thisbe Nissen (1/25/02)

The Lady With The Hair
By Michael Gates (1/22/02)

By Josh Emmons (1/20/02)

By Shauna McKenna (1/17/02)

Incense and Thalidomide
By Steven Fennier Lee (1/15/02)

Interview With An Autopublisher
By Drachen Fliegen (1/13/02)

Logic Fun for the Family
By Ginny Wray (1/10/02)

Beware of "We Are the Championtours"
By Pim De Louwere (1/9/02)

How I Handled Harold
By Rusty W. Spell (1/7/02)

December 2001

Recycling Mode (12/14/01)

Seventh Inning Stretch: A True Story
By Paul Jason Street (12/13/01)

The Apartment That Jack Rents
By Jennifer Amey (12/11/01)

Brown Paper Bag
By Sebastian Zach (12/10/01)

By Steve Delahoyde (12/7/01)

Can't Wake Up Unless I'm Sleeping
By Sarah M. Balcomb (12/5/01)

Hanging Dinosaurs
By Alice Cortland (12/4/01)

November 2001

The Man Who Mooneyed Around
By Keely Simone (11/29/01)

The Presidential Decrees #4: Public Introverts
By John Horne Canning (11/28/01)

The Presidential Decrees #3: Misceganation
By John Horne Canning (11/27/01)

The Presidential Decrees #2: Crosstrainers
By John Horne Canning (11/26/01)

The Presidential Decrees #1: Raygun
By John Horne Canning (11/25/01)

Recently Channeled Dorothy Parker Poems
By Sean Carman (11/21/01)

Ripped From the Headlines #1
By James Norton (11/20/01)

Thinking Out of the Box
By Shauna McKenna (11/17/01)

Rejection Letters From the Eyeshot Outbox

Depression and a Dildo
By Mr. Nessuno (11/14/01)

An Unauthorized Compilation of Keyword Metatags Swiped From The Source Code of A Few Websites (11/13/01)

Satirists Suck!
By B. Rooney Leshe (11/11/01)

Something and Something Is Sometimes Nothing
By Stephany Aulenback (11/9/01)

The Need for Running Water
By Nathan Oates (11/7/01)

Predictions for the 2001-2002 NBA Season
By John Leary & Jim Ruland (11/5/01)

What Are These? These Are Submissions
By Steve Delahoyde (11/3/01)

They Have Crumbled
By Bryson Newhart (11/1/01)

October 2001

Heresy & Plagiarism in a Time of Blandishing
By Bubbles Ganesh (10/29/01)

The Fill in the End
By Elena Aiello (10/27/01)

Hotels I Have Known
By Van Neeko Clariot (10/24/01)

A Story That Uses The Word "Cropdusted"
By Jimmy Flynn (10/23/01)

Brainbust (Weekend Exploration) Part I

We Can't Stop Talking Or We Don't Talk At All
By Alana Kumbier (10/18/01)

By Lee Klein (10/16/01)

How To Make A Funnel Cake
By Miss Lola Belle (10/15/01)

The Beginning of the Wrong Novel
By Amanda Erye Ward (10/14/01)

Gersamane's Adventures in the Land of Wonderment
By Geoffery Boisson (10/12/01)

When You Turn Everything Into Symbol, Bad Things Happen: Part I - The Pretty Girl
By Zadie Smith (10/9/01)

Eyeshot-Brand Spam #4: New Work, New York - A Call for Raid Responses (10/8/01)

By Whitney Pastorek (10/5/01)

Short Descriptions of Recent Dreams
By George Gilbs (10/4/01)

September 2001

Maggie's Last Memory
By Matt Semele (9/30/01)

Blatant Heliopagus
By Drachen Fliegen (9/28/01)

By James Norton (9/26/01)

Real & True
By Shauna McKenna (9/24/01)

The Thinking Reed
By Leda Swann (9/20/01)

A Disturbing Thing About Microsoft Word's Wingdings (9/19/01)

By Mary Richardson Graham (9/18/01)

Will You Please Watch Out (9/17/01)

How This Now Goes On (9/15/01)

A Few Thoughts About Retaliating Against The Folks Responsible (9/13/01)

Those Who Harbor Them Are Fucked (9/11/01)

Pictures of the Twin Towers Burning & Collapsing From Points in Williamsburg Brooklyn & Views of Smoke Downtown in Tribeca  (9/11/01)

The Alien in the Backyard
By Carrie Hoffman (9/10/01)

Heaven Sent
By Brian Alan Lane (9/7/01)

They Were Bleeding
By Jonathan Frank (9/6/01)

The Tin of Happiness
By Ed Page (9/4/01)

Please Help The Eyeshot Editor Find a Job (9/4/01)

August 2001

Eyeshot Patient/Product Prescribing Information
Eyeshot Brand-Spam #3 (8/30/01)

The House Special
By Gillian Kemp (8/29/01)

Nothing Is Posted Today
By No One (8/27/01)

This Is Achievement
By Jersey Boyd (8/24/01)

A Message of Vital Importance to Workers in The Food Service Industry, Quickly Translated From The Spanish (8/23/01)

The Urban Heat Island Effect
By Latka Spelling (8/22/01)

One With Nature
By Lao Guardian (8/21/01)

Breanna Dawson, Career Girl
By Shauna McKenna (8/19/01)

Proving Grounds
By Tom Bradley (8/16/01)

By Whitney Pastorek (8/14/01)

The Plot Revealed: "The Others"
By Throop Roebling (8/13/01)

Keith Obadike's Blackness Is For Sale
By Keith Obadike (8/12/01)

The Modern Index #3: Accompanied for the First Time by Notes on Technique & Intention (8/11/01)

Races Conducted While Downloading Two or More Files Simultaneously From Napster in Its Waning Days
By Joshua Roberts (8/10/01)

Rhombus Is Not Amused
By Stephen J. Rhombus (8/7/01)

Vanquish Your Hostility
By Doris Sea Lemon (8/5/01)

Please Do What You Can Do To Help
Eyeshot-Brand Spam #2 (8/4/01)

July 2001

On the Road: American Writers and Their Hair
By Zadie Smith (7/28/01)

Urgent Assistance
By Alhaji Adamu Shagari (7/26/01)

Foiled Plots deleted from "Incidents of Egotourism in the Temporary World" (7/24/01)

Definition of a Chronic Wound
By Drachen Fliegen (7/22/01)

Making Good on a Promise to Shareholders
Eyeshot-Brand Spam #1 (7/17/01)

Getting My Ass Kicked
By George Jones (7/14/01)

An Ongoing Correspondence With Drachen Fliegen (7/13/01)

Found Poems in Honor of Dead Comedians Installment # 2 -- Marty Feldman (7/12/01)

Found Poems in Honor of Dead Comedians Installment # 1 -- John Candy (7/11/01)

T-Minus 14 Seconds & Counting deleted from "Incidents of Egotourism in the Temporary World" (7/10/01)

Talking Shit excerpted from "Incidents of Egotourism in the Temporary World"  (7/8/01)

Eight Odditites
By Eyeshot Excavating (7/5/01)

Regarding Jokes Composed by Thomas Jefferson on the Night of July 4, 1776
By Derek Rollover (7/3/01)

June 2001

My Job
By San Rafael

Lines Spontaneously Composed Upon Opening a Condom Wrapper deleted from "Incidents of Egotourism in the Temporary World"

We Need A View
By Nyaya Rale

This Story Will Not Make a Good Movie
By Twinker the Twithead

Five Short Numbered Pieces
By Nina Kang

A Consideration of 37: Conspiracy or Coincidence?

By Stephany Aulenback

May 2001

Announcing the Eyeshot Update
By The Eyeshot Super

Eyeshot Talks Shit About the Value of Manuscripts After the Recent Sale of Kerouac's Scroll
By Throop Roebling

Black Betty
By Archie Woland

By AC Koch

Apologies, Announcements

Brian Doyle Shoots Celebration
By Brian Doyle (and Lee Klein)

That's as far as this archive goes. We can't remember the order in which things were posted before April. Some postings that appeared on Eyeshot pre-initiation of archive included:

Beyond Photography
By Miroslav Kirin

The Epoxy-Resin Mao
By Tom Bradley

In Response to a Spam Received 12/9/2000 Announcing the Online Appearance of A Book
By Stephen J. Rhombus, Esq.

Shopping Town Down Under
By The Other Lee Klein

The Monroe Doctrines Vol. 1-3
By Jack Monroe

Where the Fish is Fresher: Four Days in Northern Laos
By Soulier Blesse

The Rejection of Carlton Mellick III's "Mrs. President"

The Rejection of Joshua Beaver's "Deicide"

Collaborative, Cut-up, Impressionistic Review, Written on First Listen to Frontier's "Suture"

Collaborative, Cut-up, Impressionistic Review, Written on First Listen to Him's "Sworn Eyes"

An Interview With Tim Rutili of Califone & Red Red Meat

An Interview With Phil Manley of Trans Am & Golden

And there were surely others too that we can't find right now. But honestly, most of the postings back in the late '90s and early Aughts were posted under silly pseudonyms by the Eyeshot editor, including:

Eyeshot Watches Will Oldham Get On Jolly

Eyeshot Prowls McSweeney's Big Night

Eyeshot Provokes William T. Vollmann

Every Telling Has A Tailing And That's The He/She of It

An Untitled Romantic Vision of Lovers Pairing Off


Incidents of Privacy in Yesjwenre Province

The Holding Room

Supermodels of New Jersey: Three Quick Stories

Love In the Time of Coca-Cola
(The very quickly typed [typo heavy] travelogue of a solo trip through Central America, Fall 1995)

Giving to Get: 2,037 Words on Generosity et al.
(Definitely one of the first postings, partially about DFW's Brief Interviews with Hideous Men;
also includes an introduction to the site supported by some long-dead links.)

Several other stories were up early on, but they've since been removed.